Recent Work

In 2009, I began working with UVA’s Internet Media Research Group designing and building what evolved into NOMADS (Network Object Mobile Agent Dynamic System).  The system efficiently transmits data between sets of mobile devices and web applications in real time.  The data protocol, SAND (Synchronized Application Network Dialog) provides a portable interface for sending, receiving and routing data between Java and ObjectiveC clients.  The system architecture facilitates sharing structured data between clients on virtually any platform.

NOMADS project website

Last year we took some time to write a paper about our work.

Network Socio­Synthesis and Emergence in NOMADS.  Matthew Burtner, Steven Kemper and David Topper (2012). Organised Sound, 17, pp 45­55 doi:10.1017/S1355771811000501

In 2010, NOMADS was used as courseware for Technosonics (MUSI335) as well as Digitalis 2010 featuring guest artist, Matmos.

NOMADS for Auksalaq was used by performers and users around the globe in the premiere performance of  the multimedia opera, Auksalaq on October 29, 2012.

NOMADS Auksalaq


NOMADS Classroom


NOMADS Classroom – Step Sequencer


NOMADS Classroom – Swarm Synthesizer


NOMADS Classroom – Emergent Synth