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Brilliant.  This one also goes on the “I want one” list.  The music in the video not so much.  Decide for yourself if you need to lower your speakers a bit.  Soundtracks can be tough choices, I understand.


These guys have done amazing work here. What amazes me the most is that they don’t seem to have any kind of large budget. It was all out solid thinking with some CAD assistance of course. Regardless, they get a gold star for making more with less in my book.

Plane Driven PD-2 (conversion kit)

There are a few prototypes rolling and flying around for “flying cars.” I like the PD-2 idea because it’s thinking in the right direction. Most private pilots just want to be able to get someplace reasonably close to a small airport. They don’t necessarily want to drive for hours and hours. So the design emphasis should be on the plane side of the car, which is precisely what these folks have done.

Terrafugia – Transition®

The trademark symbol is unfortunate.  But the design is still interesting.  Personally, I think a PD2 style solution is more viable.  I’m not sure I’d want to fly one of these.  Mother nature can already blow you about like a tiny leaf in the breeze if she wants to.

Boeing YAL-1

I’m sad they cancelled this project on so many levels.  My inner child screams “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?  Your engineers have built a flying machine that can SHOOT LASERS!” I’ve been dreaming of those for as long as I’ve been able to dream it seems.  I mean, if snakes on a plane are cool then lasers on a plane are totally out of control!

My inner optimist likes to think it could have eliminated the ICBM threat once and for all.  I’m not allowing my inner pessimist to comment on what else it might have been used for though.

Nintendo Zapper 2W+ Laser

Speaking of lasers, here’s how to build your very own ray gun.


Fondly named after the great Issac Asimov, ASIMO is one of the few promises of the 21st century that is steadily becoming true. He’s no longer alone, but he most certainly was the first of his kind. I bow in reverence to the pioneering engineers behind him.

Jodi DiPiazza and Comedy Central

I might take some heat here from my nerd brethren and sistren for putting this here.  So I’ll offer a bit of an explanation.  If you consider for a moment that the human mind is like hardware and our conscious selves are the software, this video shows a very courageous little girl who with the help of a very dedicated, compassionate group of people overcame and overwrote what some might mistakenly consider insurmountable design flaws.  When I was Jodi’s age I would have called that “wicked awesome.”